The one stop Internet Store from where to download high resolution music created by artists and producers represented by the labels Existfour Music and Qubetechnet Recordings. Among the products for sale are downloads with individual Songs, full Albums and Sample Packs. All Loops, Sounds and Samples are in lossless WAV format.

Sound file types

When starting this store the plan was to house all kind of file formats. But the experience shows that people generally prefer only a few "safe" file-types and then stick to them. So for the moment we house mainly WAV (loops and samples), FLAC and MP3 320kbps. And, as mentioned on the front page, we'll stick to FLAC as the main high-resolution format for songs and albums. Like this we can save much server space, bandwidth and down- upload- time. Read more about flac on this page (this site)

Why here?

When you buy music from our store the awesome thing is that almost all revenue from the music bought here goes directly to the artists. This is our own website. No intermediaries! This is a truly independent initiative to market our own music. It's sort of an experiment exploiting the latest Internet marketing environment allowing for a more direct relationship between artist and listener.

Without your assistance this wouldn't be possible though, since the word of mouth method is the absolutely best system for spreading the news. A big thanx to you and everybody else who found your way through the Internet cyber maze into Qubenzis Download Store.