What is FLAC?

Free Lossless Audio Codec

Why FLAC instead of WAV in our Download Store?The Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) is frequently used in professional music business. It's an excellent way for reducing WAV, AIFF and other larger sound formats into a playable compressed (.flac) audio file that is about half the size of the original. Since the compression is virtually lossless the files can later be expanded into their allegedly original format (similar to .zip and .rar), which is impossible to do with mp3 and most other "lossy" compression formats.

Why we also use it

Why more FLAC than WAV in our download store? We encourage you to use the Free Lossless Audio Codec compressor / decompressor which is an Open Source software freely available on Sourceforge.net. Simply save half the time and bandwidth by downloading FLAC audio files that later can be expanded into high resolution WAV on your own computer. You can also play the .flac audio files as they are (on most systems including android) since the sound is excellently high resolution (+800kbps! Best MP3 quality is 320kbps).

Notes on FLAC


  1. flac.Sourceforge.net News, updates and technical specifications. Download free converter : mac, win, linux
  2. Some professional sound engineers and producers mean that any attempt to compress audio files will effect the sound negatively. In principal that may be right, but the question is; do you have a sound system good enough to hear the difference? However, if you want a track in WAV audio (available only in FLAC and MP3 from our download store) please contact us and we'll send you the unadulterated WAV file, no problem.
  3. If the "keep-foreign-metadata" option is chosen when compressing wav and aiff audio files it will still be there when expanding the files.
  4. It can also be mentioned that FLAC audio files sound very good in themselves. Much better than MP3 320kbps, depending on the quality of your sound system almost as good as WAV/AIFF.