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Psychedelic Freedom by QPA

Psychedelic Freedom ,subtle and progressive style psytrance with melodies that engage mind and soul together with enticing, rhythmic, hip wiggling, belly wobbling psytrance beats. A fusion of various psytrance moods aimed towards all sentient entities who crave more than just a thumping beat. once again Q.P.A actively investigates and enhances ideas about what psychedelic trance music can be about.

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Track List

  • 01 - 09:03 142bpm - Vimana Journey
  • 02 - 08:34 144bpm - Little Psychedelia
  • 03 - 08:23 143bpm - Magic Harvest
  • 04 - 08:02 145bpm - Suspended Reality
  • 05 - 09:05 146bpm - Got it Already
  • 06 - 08:27 142bpm - Panpsychism
  • 07 - 08:26 142bpm - Human Harvest Remix
  • 08 - 07:49 143bpm - My Alien Planet

Album Data

  • Name: Psychedelic Freedom
  • Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio (aka q.p.a)
  • Style: Psychedelic trance , Full On, Melodic, Fusion
  • Label: LUA Records
  • Sub-Label: Qubetechnet Records
  • Mastering: Alienature, LUA Rec
  • Duration: 67:49 Min
  • Songs: 8
  • Release: 2013
  • Cover Art: Unknown Artist from morguefile.com


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What Is Psychedelic Freedom?

Psychedelic Freedom equals the by birth inherited right to be in charge of ones own mind. To freely explore your own mind without interference by external intruders of any kind. The right to remain loving, happy and peaceful within. To try to expand ones mental capabilities is a right and, possibly, almost a must, in order for personal, spiritual and societal evolution to occur.

Music Info
Type FLAC & MP3 :: You get download access to both archives. The flac files can be expanded into their original wav audio format if so desired.
Artist / Producer Info
Name QPA aka qubenzis psy audio,
Bio Qubenzis Psy Audio's music is not only seriously inspired by psychedelic trance (incl. all its sub-genres), but also electronic music in general. A perpetual investigation into the most vital part of the psychedelic subculture, namely the music.
Download Info
Packaging 2 ZIP archives whereof each contains 7 audio files, info.txt and artwork
Size FLAC 434 Mb / MP3 146 Mb

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QPA :: Psychedelic Freedom

  • Artists / Producers Q.P.A
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